• Ultrasound
    Helps to assist in breaking up fibrous/scar tissue that has built up within the muscle or joint.
    Electric Muscle Stimulation
    Helps to relax a muscle that is constantly contracted or in spasm.
    Helps to re-train & strengthen a muscle.
    Traction Therapy
    Distracts joints to facilitate proper alignment of the joint.
    Allows joint fluid to fill the joint thereby allowing joint nutrients to heal damaged cartilage.
    Superficial Heat Therapy
    Increases blood flow to an area to allow new nutrients to be exposed to the damaged area and healing to occur.
    Cryotherapy (Ice)
    Helps to decrease inflammation and pain.
    An electric field is generated throughout the body part which increases blood flow and circulation to facilitate healing of any tissue.
    Exercise Therapy
    Specific exercises are taught to strengthen and stretch damaged regions


    Alan M. Tebby, D.C.